Rethinking Theology in the Anthropocene
International Online Conference

July 15-17, 2021

The international conference „Rethinking Theology in the Anthropocene“ provides a learning space for theological reflection on the Earth’s new epoch, the Anthropocene, where human activity becomes a crucial geological factor, specifically affecting the climate and the ecosystem, and making the risk of an ecological collapse more and more threatening.

The Anthropocene does not constitute an ethical challenge alone. Rather, it calls for a radical revision of hegemonic notions of the human being and its relation to the more-than-human world. Human exceptionalism and anthropocentrism are undergoing severe scrutiny. What can theology contribute to this critical process? How did theology itself have a part in the emergence of those hegemonic ideas, and to what extent does it still contribute to their stabilisation? Does theology need a fundamental revision of key concepts and deeply entrenched convictions? How to deal with the return of theological ideas in secular apocalyptic or techno-utopian imaginations? What interpretations and orientations can theology offer to an increasingly bewildered public? And how can it enable and support collective action against the looming ecological and social catastrophes?

The conference seeks to connect scholars from across disciplines, denominations, and religions, bringing them also into conversation with ecological and climate activists.

Call for papers

Papers submitted for application will reflect the present discussion on the Anthropocene and its relevance to theology. Contributions which connect reflections of these topics with observations of specific ecological impacts on local/regional levels and the resulting political struggles are especially welcome.

Please apply with the title and an abstract of your paper (2500 characters including spaces) until April 30 at:

Visit the conference homepage:

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